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Social gaming developers interested in expanding into Latin America often face an immediate set of challenges as they try to translate, localize, modify, promote and monetize their software across the continent. Mentez is the solution: We can help you get your games and applications on every dominant social network in Latin America, broker deals with major brands operating in those countries and ultimately help you maximize profits.

We create simulation and role-playing games that appeal to users' interests and create a lasting and loyal user base.

What we do

We localize your game

Mentez will help you modify your app for consumption in Latin America. This can include language translation, cultural suggestions, and Latin America-specific promotions.

We manage your game

Mentez can help you measure the success of your app, and offer suggestions on ways to improve adoption. Each game has a dedicated product manager who speaks the local language and English. This person oversees the content, features, and possible promotions during the game's lifetime. Product managers are in tune with the local culture, highlighting upon local events, holidays, and slang to give games a more customized and personalized feel.

We monetize your game

Mentez helps you monetize your app using our own alternative payments network, Paymentez. Mentez can also help distribute branded promotions inside your game, giving it added value.

We promote your game

Mentez's portfolio of games reaches more than 22 million people in Latin America every week. When we launch a new game, we promote it heavily across the platform, driving instant adoption. During local holidays, we design special virtual items to increase the game's traffic even more.