• Feb 27 2011

    Business Week: Getting Social Media Games to Play Overseas

    Business Week February 24, 2011 – Market Street, a game played on social networks like Facebook, wannabe entrepreneurs open digital storefronts and compete with friends to attract shoppers. Many players pay real money to stock their virtual shelves with in-demand or seasonal items, such as rose bouquets on Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t work for the hundreds

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  • Feb 15 2011

    Paymentez 2.0 Released

    Mentez announced it has launched version 2.0 of its alternative payments network, Paymentez. Tens of thousands of Internet users in Brazil use Paymentez on a daily basis to buy virtual credits in person with cash, at retail locations and Internet cafes. The Paymentez platform originally launched last year in November. The platform currently has 4

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  • Nov 25 2010

    Taking Social Game Global Can Triple Revenue

    (Gamasutra) Juan Franco, CEO of Latin American social game publisher Mentez, sees his company’s home region as a land of opportunity for U.S.-focused social game developers. “If you currently only have your game on Facebook, you can double or triple your revenue by working the international markets,” said Franco in a new Gamasutra feature. He explained, “The

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